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Bordeaux, France

Rémi Huguet

Software engineer 💻 - Crafter 🛠️ - Python 🐍 & web expert - Tech lead 🥇

I help organisations design, build and run better softwares, faster 🚀. Building software with highest quality and sustainability standards is hard. I can help software team:

  • level up to deliver better software, faster
  • take back control of legacy software
  • build software product with top notch practices

Main skills

I'm a full-stack engineer with craft attitude. Although my main focus is on backends and architecture, I cultivate a large spectrum of skills, from product to operations, and front-end development.

Software craft

  • Web architecture
  • Services architecture
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Clean architecture
  • Test-Driven Design
  • Testing
  • Agile Kanban, Flow
  • Continuous Integration & deployment

Languages & frameworks

  • Python
  • Django
  • FastAPI
  • Javascript
  • VueJS

API integrations

  • Stripe
  • Slack
  • Algolia

Persistence and messaging

  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Kafka
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Django ORM

Ops and tools

  • Git
  • Gitlab CI
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Cloud: AWS, Paas(, Clever Cloud)



Backend engineer freelance

2021-02 - 2021-07

Sennder is the digital transport partner of companies. Within the pod portal, I contributed to the development of the self-service portal for small and medium-sized shippers.

    • Developments on the legacy monolith Python Django PostgreSQL back-end
    • Developments of the first pod micro-service and implementation of a basic architecture for Python services - Python, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Terraform and AWS ECS
    • Architecture and developments of the payments microservice

      Adenia Conseil

      Craft coaching

      2021-02 - 2021-03

      Adenia Conseil is a consulting firm in structuring, financing and project execution. As part of its R&D, Adenia is experimenting with software development to support its activity, around the CEO and 2 young developers. In order to start on the best possible basis, I accompany the team on software craft coaching and support.

        • training and workshops around priority topics for the team: Deployment and production on a PaaS, From idea to production - organize the development flow, code and clean architecture, test driven development
        • technical support and advice on the start of the first developments


          Freelance software engineer

          2020-02 - 2021-01

          Opquast is the skills certification for web professions and offers a repository of good practices, online training and certification. I help the Opquast team prepare the software platform and the technical team for scaling up.

            • strategic analysis, architecture and implementation of improvements to existing software
            • migration to a new infrastructure: gradual transition to Paas, use of managed services
            • improvement of the development flow: implementation of the Kanban flow, improvement of communication and the use of Gitlab
            • creation of automated tests (0 to 60% coverage) and implementation of continuous integration
            • team training: clean code, automated tests, TDD, clean architecture, introduction to DDD
            • development of new features


              Lead Developer

              2018-02 - 2020-01


              eshard is a startup expert in security of connected objects. esDynamic is the software platform for security experts. Based on the best open-source tools for data science (Jupyterlab, Python, Numpy), esDynamic provides analysis tools for traditional or deep-learning side-channel attacks, as well as tracing tools and software faults for cryptographic white boxes. I'm leading the esdynamic product team.

                  • Implementation and evangelization of the best software practices
                  • Architecture and development of the open-source scared library
                  • Driving the roadmap and product development esDynamic
                  • Management of contributions from the core dev team and contributors security experts
                  • TDD, DDD, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab, Numpy, Gitlab CI, Docker


                  Chief Technology Officer

                  2015-04 - 2017-11

                  Actiwine is an online marketplace for wine professionals. I join the company at its start to build the product. Actiwine raises 0.5M € in 2016 to support its development.

                      • Architecture, design and development of the marketplace
                      • Recruitment and management of the product team (3 developers)
                      • Organization and structuring of product and technical processes
                      • Kanban Flow, Python, Django, PostgreSQL Javascript, Vue.js, Webpack, HTML, CSS & SCSS, Amazon WebServices

                      Tiki Move

                      Partner & production manager

                      2011-05 - 2015-03

                      Created in 2008, Tiki Move is a company specialized in the development of applications and video games on mobile platforms. In a few years, Tiki Move delivers more than 100 applications, and addresses the development of multichannel digital devices on behalf of its customers. In 2014, Tiki Move joined Clever Age to strengthen the mobile division.I joined Tiki Move in 2011 as Production Manager to support the growth of the company.

                          • Architecture and developments for backends and mobile apps
                          • Recruitment and management of the team: from 5 to 15 devs between 2011 and the end of 2012
                          • Project & production management
                          • Development and delivery processes and quality system
                          • Management of the Tiki Move integration within Clever Age
                          • Development and management of a development activity with an offshore partner (Vietnam)
                          • Python, Django, Amazon WebServices, Kanban flow, Google AppEngine, Android, iOS


                          Software engineer

                          2008-10 - 2011-04

                          As part of the SICOM (SI COMmercial) application maintenance third party on behalf of EDF, I carried out various missions on a service production application for the billing of EDF's key account customers.

                              • Responsible for the MOC activity (3 FTEs) then application manager (5 FTEs, evolutions> 300 days / hour)
                              • Technical and functional analyst
                              • Design and development


                              PhD researcher and teacher

                              2005-09 - 2008-08

                              Group of Theoretical Physics

                                  • creation of models of description of the stable nuclear matter from the sub-nucleonic degrees of freedoms
                                  • Teachings in license: general physics, special relativity, computer science for the physics, formation in the professional project.


                                  Université de Bordeaux

                                  2005-12 to 2008-12


                                  Theoretical physics

                                  Université de Bordeaux

                                  2003-12 to 2005-12

                                  Master degree


                                  Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles, Lycée Camille Jullian

                                  2001-12 to 2002-12

                                  PCSI - PC

                                  Physics - Chemistry