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Ok, this week I go full english - since most of the links I share are ... in english.

Create and work with agent-based models, right in your browser. Also I don't drink all the weird stuff in the mission statement, the tool is really promising. Even if you don't have any clue about agent modelling (I don't), this is a really intriguing and fun platform to test.

Typed functional dependency injection in python

Dependency injection is a base technique for successfully decoupling architectures. The functional programming style is a source of inspiration and elegant pattern to improve the code. Static typing makes the business code more robust and expressive.

This article brilliantly presents how to use functional typed dependency injection , as part of a web application using Django.

Never use the word “User” in your code

Naming is a crucial design element for software - and particularly difficult. Language alignment is central in Domain Drive Design in particular. A case study, which we have all come across at one time or another, is well exposed here. There is no "User" in your software!

Async python is not faster

A benchmark and a first analysis with various Python web-servers, asynchronous and synchronous.It shows that synchronous configurations are more efficient, contrary to an a priori belief that one can have. Food for thought.

## Introduction to strategic DDD

This one is in french

This video is a great introduction by Arnaud Lemaire to strategic patterns in Domain Driven Design. The strategic side of DDD is, to me, the most interesting part of DDD, because it is always useful, for any project.